Bonsai Team

Executive Board

Meygan Brody


Hey! I study Pure and Applied Science at Dawson College in Montreal. My interests include reading, thrifting, playing tennis and solving indefinite integrals (cal 2 is the superior science class, no one can convince me otherwise). I'm a dual American/Canadian citizen, which has always made me very interested in approaching social issues from a global perspective. I'm particularly passionate about American politics and international diplomacy.

IG: @meyganbrody

Jacob Meyer


I am a full-time student at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I am currently studying International Relations & Political Science and working on a Human Rights and Political Transitions Certificate. I am an advocate for human rights and global collaboration with special interests in maltreatment of minorities, maltreatment of civilians in a war zone, and environmental protection.

IG: @jacobameyer_

Genevieve Deziel


She/her. I am a full-time student in the Social Service program at Dawson College, in Montreal. I am greatly passionate about social justice and personal accompaniment. I feel most empowered when I empower others, enabling them to pursue their best selves. I advocate for the inherent dignity of each person, human rights and the protection of our environment.

IG: @gdezzzz

Mimi Balde


I am a full-time student at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I am studying International Relations and Political Science with a minor in Marketing. Being the daughter of immigrants, I am a huge advocate for equal rights across the board. From immigrants, to the maltreatment of minorities and etc. Social rights are human rights, I guess you could call me a humanitarian!

IG: @the_bad_era

Anthony Côté

Recruitment/Web Development

I am a full-time Pure and Applied Science student at Dawson College, in Montreal. Space exploration, basketball, music and sneakers are all things I'm deeply passionate about. I advocate for the democratization of science around the globe, as well as easy access to reliable and unbiased information. I'm also a firm believer in face to face conversation as a means of discussing and debating divisive issues.

IG: @anthonyy_cote